Thinking is Overrated: empty brain — happy brain by Niels Birbaumer

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Title: Thinking is Overrated: empty brain — happy brain
Author: Niels Birbaumer
Category: Science
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Find the happiness of vacancy. Few issues scare us greater than internal vacancy. The presumed vacancy of coma or dementia scares us a lot that we even signal residing wills to keep away from these states. Yet as Zen masters have lengthy identified, internal vacancy will also be productive and helpful. We can attain this state by means of meditation, focus, music, and even throughout intercourse. In truth, our brain loves vacancy — it makes us happy. Leading brain researcher Niels Birbaumer investigates the pleasure in vacancy and the way we will make the most of it. He explains how you can overcome the evolutionary attentiveness of your brain and take a break from pondering — a ability that’s extra essential than ever in an more and more frantic world.

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